Cold Bay Module 1

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Embark on an incredible journey to discover the secrets of crafting breathtaking environments with our new course, "Cold Bay and the Bears." In this first module of a three-part series, you will dive into the world of Houdini, Solaris, and Karma, learning the essential techniques to create stunningly realistic environments.

Get ready to explore and master:

  • Advanced Height Field Techniques: Unlock the potential of terrain creation and manipulation.
  • Geometry Post Manipulations: Detail your terrain like never before.
  • Custom Hierarchical UVs: Achieve efficient and organized UV layouts.
  • Introduction to Solaris: Harness the power of Houdini's powerful lookdev and layout toolset.
  • MaterialX Shader Building: Craft complex, visually stunning shaders with ease.
  • Procedural Scatter Systems: Populate your environment with intricate rock and plant systems.
  • Solaris Instancer and Layout Tool: Learn to work with instances and layouts in Solaris.
  • Water Spectrum Customization: Define water flow directionality for immersive realism.
  • Dynamic Procedural Masks: Create calmer, more natural areas in your environment.
  • USD Workflow, Solaris, and Karma Rendering: Optimize your pipeline for maximum efficiency.

But that's not all! Once you've mastered Module 1, continue your adventure with Modules 2 and 3:

Module 2: Dive into river simulation and whitewater creation for an even more immersive experience.

Module 3: Bring your scene to life with Kinefx, grooming, and simulations for bears and salmon.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your Houdini skills and create mesmerizing environments that will captivate your audience. Enroll now in "Cold Bay and the Bears" and unlock the power of Houdini, Solaris, and Karma today!

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10+ hours of high quality professional 4k video content, project files and more.

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Cold Bay Module 1

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