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The Faroe Islands And The Waterfall

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Have you ever follow a Houdini tutorial and it all made sense, until a day later you are trying to create something else and you feel completely lost? This is a common issue my students used to complain about before attending my courses. We don´t create copy machines, we teach. We want you to understand the real concepts behind each decision we make throughout the process of creating an environment. And it is not only about creating it. It is also about scene management, so we can create huge, complex environments with efficiency and control.

Welcome to The Faroe Islands and The Waterfall Course! My name is Diogo Guerreiro and I’m going to be your instructor in this course. The FIWAT is the result of many years of planning, testing, and refining a specific methodology that simplifies the learning process and gives you the instruments to leverage the full potential of Houdini!

The purpose of this course is very straightforward: to provide artists with practical knowledge, so they can access and understand all tools related to environment creation and fluid simulations inside Houdini, so they will be free to translate their ideas into real, high standard projects.

Course Highlights

- Create negative angles in vertical cliffs;

- Merge, combine and create interactions between 2 large simulations;

- Replicate simulations and extend copies of them to other areas of your environment in a very optimized way;

- Merge a flip simulation to the ocean grid seamlessly with a special custom methodology by CGimagine;

- Use Axiom solver to create a dynamic mist around your waterfall simulation;

- Learn how to make your scene really optimized you you can create a complex environment as you want, without worrying too much with memory and general hardware resources;

- Learn different methods to mesh your fluid simulations;

- Learn new techniques to render whitewater with redshift;

- We will cover compositing both in Nuke and Fusion so you go with whatever suits you best.

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The Faroe Islands And The Waterfall

3 ratings
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